Coming from generations of educated, elite brahmins, education has always been a priority for the illustrious Kaul Family of Malikyar, Fatehkadal of Kashmir.

While the Kashmiri Community has given India its first woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi : the Kaul family has a tradition of educated, strong, women leaders, who have shattered all proverbial celings.

They have done so not because they thought these ceilings existed, but because their upbringing never allowed them to define themselves in parameters of constricted, narrow spaces.

The Kaul Family are a family of educated bureaucrats, politicians and professionals; who famously created systems beyond time to rule, regulate and mentor a whole generation of young kashmiris.

​They are global leaders who work with the Intelligensia, Rulers, Leaders and well-known business houses all over the world and bring that wisdom to the work that they accomplish.

After the pandit exodus of January 1990, the family remains connected with the economic and political development of the place of our birth.

The Kaul Family Scholarship was created by the Kaul Family to help the next generation of the Family keep serving the needs of our expansive community and helping it thrive through our principles of Value Based Education.